Marcel Huber

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Reported issues: 283


10:43 SConsider Revision 2e525728 (sconsider_public): consistently install systemlibs for targets
- install systemlibs once per target only
- inhibit generating multiple envs for the same node
- not install systemli...


15:10 SConsider Revision bb855365 (sconsider_public): resolve up-to-date check failure for 3rdparty libs
- If the third party build output directory is the same as the source directory
of third party libraries, scons is ...


13:59 SConsider Revision fc5eac46 (sconsider_public): not put build output into the sconsider directory anymore
Change-Id: Ib9034d51b8d5d2f960bdb42da76a3ebd9bb8e39d
11:51 SConsider Revision 288368e6 (sconsider_public): use abspath in call to readlink function
Change-Id: I965f21cba83beaa53fbf32260c1362487851a724
11:49 SConsider Revision fa67d88a (sconsider_public): have backwards compatibility (deprecated) functions re-added
- print deprecation warnings once per type
- added logging config for py.warnings to make logging possible as
11:49 SConsider Revision af3352d2 (sconsider_public): fix build without baseoutdir
- added invocation tests to verify/show behavior
Change-Id: Ia6924ff5572bf88222687123fdbe355b4ae2245c


11:42 SConsider Revision ccee295d (sconsider_public): import SCons related stuff from SConsider.Main
- makes the main module part more lightweight
Change-Id: I9faff87274e09401348855acb691b028a0d1f2cb
11:09 SConsider Revision 882de7ca (sconsider_public): correctly register atexit function
Change-Id: I52947a1760c32b8884415edf012348f76452129a
08:34 SConsider Revision 6d52844d (sconsider_public): use cloned base environment in invocation tests
- a bit nicer to use function instead of module member
Change-Id: Icdb9f56aa13de5b471eb86b11b11863bef2c1992


16:01 SConsider Revision 9de511e0 (sconsider_public): provide get_launch_dir to get directory we were launched from
- in contrast, get_sconstruct_dir will now provide the correct location of the
sconstruct file and not the launch d...

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