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11:01 COAST Revision 48326864 (coast_public): Detect header fields containing values starting with GET or POST
Added flag indicating whether to reject requests containing malicious header or to log them only
Refactored code, mo...
11:01 COAST Revision a1011c0f (coast_public): added hook method allowing to alter the
test input (tmp store, session etc) once
the data is read in but before pushed to
the context.
This allows eg. ...
11:01 COAST Revision cf913e3c (coast_public): added comments
11:01 COAST Revision a09fc162 (coast_public): fixed KILLER rsh comand with potential to
destroy target machine where command was executed.
11:01 COAST Revision e9a73321 (coast_public): removed 3rdparty library dependency
tests do not run since mysql not running on target
11:01 COAST Revision 791efd2a (coast_public): removed 3rdparty library dependency
11:01 COAST Revision 0bf8ba69 (coast_public): fixed 3rd party library dependency
11:01 COAST Revision a91f3668 (coast_public): fixed dependency of 3rd party libs
11:01 COAST Revision 173892e0 (coast_public): added Nested LookupRenderer test
fixed broken HTML renderer test since
default language is now "E"....
11:01 COAST Revision d6b4d8d0 (coast_public): Enable log rotation every N seconds,
recognizes time format as well as plain seconds.
Added / enhanced tests

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