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11:01 COAST Revision 6342d346 (coast_public): bug fix
CR 30 und CR 82
11:01 COAST Revision 4f98737c (coast_public): corrected captions of all masks
added new mask vtrwert
replaced screen Zahlungsbedingung with the refactored Textbaustein
11:00 COAST Revision b79df638 (coast_public): escape html chars in xml stream
11:00 COAST Revision 70bc2ce6 (coast_public): bug fix
removed obsolete fields
10:59 COAST Revision 9fc54394 (coast_public): the slot SortOrder ( asc / desc ) defines the selected sort order
the slot Numeric must be used to define is a sort key value numeric or not
10:58 COAST Revision 77c88cb3 (coast_public): implemented Role into Params of Url to change role by server ch...
10:58 COAST Revision 327556f2 (coast_public): added more traces
10:58 COAST Revision a9dd2837 (coast_public): changed Input parameter 'RenderToken' to Renderspec
10:58 COAST Revision abce535e (coast_public): added class created on branch
merged in other changes made on branch
10:58 COAST Revision 38494684 (coast_public): scripts of navigation buttons should be inserted at correct loc...
- depending on button rendering, the scripts should be rendered either inside a <td> tag or standalone
removed HidePr...

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